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budget-friendly entry tables and styling

Need an entry makeover? Not high on your priority list?  I get it.  You want  a cute entry table,  but the couch, coffee table and rug are the priorities.  I hear this all the time.  To help, I’ve rounded up some budget-friendly console tables, lamps, baskets and other styling objects and ideas.   Here are the 4 simple looks I came up with and keep reading for details* on everything pictured:

Here is a closer look at each style and total price for each look:

Look #1 = $302

Look #2 = $303 (excluding records on bottom shelf)

Look #3 = $499

I love sticking a throw blanket on top of the basket  – its a beautiful way of hiding shoes or any other items you may be storing in that basket.  ?

Look #4 = $274

And here are all the details* per category, in case you like anything and if you want to mix up the designs!


  1. Jackson Console Table
  2. Samuel Console Table
  3. Braley Console Table
  4. Simple Wood Console Table 


  1. Herringbone Ceramic Table Lamp
  2. Brass and Marble Box Accent Lamp
  3. Modernist Table Lamp
  4. Modern Globe Desk Lamp


  1. Kinfolk Home
  2. The New Bohemians
  3. Coastal Style
  4. Styled
  5. Monochrome Home


  1. Symmetry Object
  2. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Suitcase Turntable
  3. Earthenware Vase
  4. IMAX Worldwide 63024 Amadour Small Bubble Glass Bottle
  5. Marble + Wood Geometric Objects
  6. Throw Blanket
  7. Silver and Wood Vase


  1. Tassel Baskets
  2. Round Belly
  3. Rectangular Floor Basket
  4. Tremont Utility Basket
  5. Traditional Seagrass Basket with Handles

* I used affiliate links — you pay the same price as if I linked you directly to the store and I get a small commission in exchange for providing you all of this information.  Thank you!