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May 1, 2020

#stayhome mother’s day giftguide

It’s tricky to think about what you might want for mother’s day this year or what to buy your mother/sister, RIGHT?  So just in case you wanted some help, I decided to share everything that I love and am using during this “stay home” time.

1.  I love ordering and receiving products from Public Goods.  Because they are high quality, well priced and eco-friendly.  The best part?  They have hand soap, sanitizer, paper towels and toilet paper IN STOCK.  Click here.


2.  I have been LIVING in these overalls – they are the best (quarantine or not).  TTS. Click here.

3.  I just ordered these jean shorts and LOVE them.  Click here.


4. I’ve only worn running shoes or flip flops lately and havaianas are my go-to. Click here.


5. Since we can’t go to the beach, it’s nice to have some beachy vibes on our coffee table.  Click here.

6. Everybody should be washing their hands ALL THE TIME, so why not up our hand towel game?  I sent my mom hand towels from here for her present.  🙂 Click here.

7. Jewelry – what mom doesn’t want jewelry?  Lizzie makes the prettiest personalized dainty metal jewelry EVER.  Click here.

8. Faux plants to style a WFH desk right now makes A LOT of sense.  Right?  And how gorgeous is this one?!!! Click here.

Happy shopping!  Stay safe at home!