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October 15, 2019

How To Elevate a Window with Curtains

Did you know you can elevate an uninspiring window with curtains?  I did just that in our fixer upper.  We are planning on a full remodel, where we will likely change out all the windows but until then, I wanted our windows to look taller and wider.  Here are my tips:

Tip 1:

Hang the curtain rod up to 15 inches taller than the top of the window — it will give the effect of a taller window.  If you hang it right at the top of the window, it will dwarf it.   In our living room, we hung the rod 15in taller than the window and just 2 inches below the ceiling height.

elevate a window with curtains

Tip 2: 

Mount the rod approximately 8-10in wider than the window, to allow you to push the curtains open past the window, which makes the window appear wider.

elevate a window with curtains

Here is a before/after of our family room window, using these tips:

elevate a window with curtains

elevate a window with curtains

Again, because we are remodeling in the near future, I did not invest in expensive drapery.  I found these stylish yet INEXPENSIVE curtain rods from Amazon.  The rod is just $29 and comes in two different sizes.   In the living room and family room, I hung linen flax sheer curtains from Amazon.  In our Master bedroom, I hung the longer rods and used four panels of  faux linen sheer curtains – similar soft and textured look at a fraction of the price – also from Amazon.

elevate a window with curtains

If you want to really step up your window game but can’t afford custom drapery, check out

West Elm’s linen curtains
Pottery Barn has a nice selection of linen curtains
And click here for Wayfair’s selection of linen curtains

Why linen?  I love the soft textured look to it.  It looks organic and still modern, which is totally my jam. It isn’t as heavy as traditional drapery.

I hope this helps!  Tag me so I can see your elevated windows!